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(Note - July 2010: Since NOW Magazine has since deleted all the relevant archive pages, most of the links below no longer work - however, they will be eventually replaced with local, archived versions as time permits)


  • The Dalai Lama"Spiritual Split" (NOW, January 22, 1998), an exposé of the bitter rift engulfing Tibetan Buddhism, centering on the Dalai Lama's ban on the worship of a "protector" deity known as Dorje Shugden

  • "Buddhist duel hits Internet" (NOW, January 22, 1998), sidebar article charting this obscure theological battle in cyberspace

  • "Left-Wingers Do Workfare Too" (NOW, April 30, 1998), looking at the different schemes to force welfare recipients to work in exchange for public assistance, both in Canada, the U.S., and England

  • "Still teetering on nuke war" (NOW, May 14, 1998), a news brief about the increasing risk of accidental nuclear war, as documented in a landmark paper in the April 30, 1998 New England Journal of Medicine

  • "The sweet smell of millennium meltdown" (NOW, January 28, 1999), about how the Y2K computer bug is being exploited by a variety of different interests to suit their own political - and in some cases financial - ends

  • "Debt Third World populationsDeliverance" (NOW, June 17, 1999), focusing on the international campaign underway aimed at pressing the G-8 to wipe off the books the unprecedented amount of debt currently facing the developing world

  • "Services with a smile" (This Magazine, January-February 2000), about how activists are opposing the privatization of health care and education, widely seen as an inevitable consequence of world economic integration

  • "Serbia media critique sinks Marxist mag" (NOW, March 30, 2000), a brief item on the successful libel suit Britain's Independent Television News (ITN) filed against Britain's LM Magazine, which had alleged that a 1992 ITN report misrepresented the Bosnian situation by using misleading camera angles and editing 

  • "Post hacks schmooze at libertarian fest" (NOW, July 27, 2000), noting the appearance by leading journalists from the Financial Post and the Toronto Sun at a meeting of an obscure libertarian group that has played host to U.S. Christian patriot leaders and Holocaust deniers

  • "Claws of power" (NOW, September 7, 2000), delving into the acrimonious dispute taking place between native and non-native lobster fishers in Miramichi Bay off the coast of New Brunswick

  • "U of T lab creatures get political attention" (NOW, September 14, 2000), a brief report on the latest action by animal rights activists protesting medical experiments at the University of Toronto

  • Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin and rock star Bono"What's up with Paul Martin?" (NOW, September 28, 2000), analyzing the bold call by Canada's then-Finance and now Prime Minister (pictured on the left, shaking hands with U2 singer Bono) for an immediate moratorium on debt repayments for the world's heavily indebted poor countries (HIPCs) at the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Prague - the target of mass demonstrations by grassroots activists, as previewed in the earlier news brief "Anti-capitalist hijinks timed for Prague meet" (NOW, September 14, 2000)

  • "Blue Rodeo performs while Oils protest" (Midnight Oil performing at the closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic gamesNOW, October 5, 2000), following up on a series of letters by readers taking politically-conscious Canadian rock group Blue Rodeo to task for not boycotting the Sydney 2000 Olympic games in light of Australia's forced segregation of its aboriginal peoples - which the band's Aussie counterparts Midnight Oil protested at the closing ceremonies (right) by donning black suits emblazened with the word "sorry" in big white letters, highlighting the government's refusal to issue an official apology

  • "Jewish peace movement missing in action" (NOW, October 19, 2000), assessing the reaction to an agreement by Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Middle East womanYassir Arafat, and anti-war sentiment in general within Israel, where demonstrations against the war are ignored by the normally outspoken Israeli media, which peace activists say have become little more than the propaganda arm of the government

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  • "Poison petals" (NOW, December 9, 1999), detailing concerns about the possible hazards of chemical residues on imported plants

  • "Toxic Shock" (NOW, May 18, 2000), an indepth investigative report on the possible connection between exposure to dioxin and diabetes, especially as it concerns Canada's aboriginal peoples, who are in the grips of a diabetes epidemic

  • Walkerton, Ontario"Watery death of credibility" (NOW, June 1, 2000), a look back at the Ontario government's record of environmental cutbacks in the wake of the E. coli outbreak in the small town of Walkerton, Ontario (left)

  • "Correlating Cancer With Chemicals: Easier Said Than Done!" (Science Link, January 2003, no longer online), exploring whether the recent increase in a variety of illnesses is the result of exposure to chemicals in the environment (pages 7-11 in PDF document)



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